The Guarantree is France’s oldest and most respected guarantor service, bringing together French landlords and international renters since 2015.

We work in exclusive partnership with AXA France, France’s largest and most respected insurer, consistently rated as the #1 insurance brand worldwide as part of Interbrand’s ISO-Certified “Best Global Brands” report.

Together, we provide guarantor services for students and young professionals setting up a new home in France.


France is a wonderful, enthralling place to live. Its rental market, however, is less so, generating inefficiencies that negatively effect renters and landlords alike. Our objective is to address one of these inefficiencies by making the renting experience easier, safer and more efficient for everyone involved.

Due to certain aspects of French law, French landlords are forced to bear significant risk when entering into a lease. Consequently, even the most creditworthy renters are forced to provide extended financial guarantees to secure housing.

For many such renters, the lack of family or friends able to stand in as a guarantor creates a veritable nightmare. Such renters are often forced to accept subpar housing or pay many months of rent in advance. The search may drag on for weeks or months longer than necessary, further driving up costs, all due to their lack of a French guarantor.

The Guarantree solves this problem.  We offer a french guarantor service, at once able to:

  • support creditworthy renters, and especially foreigners, in France, helping them to secure housing;
  • guarantee rental income for landlords in France, helping them to reduce their risk; and

By proposing a safe, efficient and original solution, we’re changing the way the market works, for the better.

To learn more, we invite you to visit our FAQ.